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    This is not a petition. This is a Declaration of our commitment to a different kind of future.

    A future based on respect, democracy and fairness, which takes care of people and of Nature. A future we create by acting together. A future where our climate is protected. We can create this future by opposing the damaging things that are happening, and inventing, creating and supporting the positive alternatives.

    It is time to take our future into our own hands. This Declaration is a tool for doing that.

    Please read the Declaration. If this describes the world you want, sign it and join us to make it happen. We can bring this about if enough people act in their communities, their workplaces, their local government, their schools, hospitals, churches, clubs. We can show that this is possible.

    As Naomi Klein said in her great book "This Changes Everything” To Change Everything, We Need Everyone.

    We’d love you to be part of that change.

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