The Behavioural Crisis Driving Ecological Overshoot | Webinar Recording taken down

We co-sponsored this webinar, which took place on November 29th, 2023.

The audio of this webinar recording ended up being very poor quality. As such, we have decided to take the recording down. But this team of guest presenters are interested in presenting a second webinar on the same topic next year (2024), so those who missed this webinar may have another chance to catch it.

This webinar was presented by the following guests:

Joseph J. Merz is the Co-founder of a number of organisations. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Merz Institute - a research institute largely focused on addressing ecological overshoot at a behavioural level. Joseph serves on the Executive Committee of the Stable Planet Alliance, and is also a Senior Fellow of the Global EverGreening Alliance.

Portrait photo of Joseph J. Merz

Mat Maroni is Strategic Lead at Merz Institute's Overshoot Behaviour Lab. His primary role is Chief Strategy Officer Asia Pacific for one of the largest global advertising networks. He has been at the forefront of communication strategy across Europe and Asia Pacific for the last 20 years, advising brands both within agencies and directly as consultant. Across this time he has delivered globally recognised, multi-award winning campaigns and authored for a range of industry media and the World Advertising Research Center.

Portrait photo of Mat Maroni

Nandita Bajaj is the Executive Director of the Population Balance, a US nonprofit that works to inspire behavioural and system change towards a smaller human footprint that embraces planetary boundaries. She is an adjunct lecturer at the Institute for Humane Education at Antioch University, where she teaches about the combined impacts of pronatalism and human expansionism on reproductive, ecological, and intergenerational justice. In addition to a number of peer-reviewed papers and forthcoming book chapters, her work has appeared in major news outlets including Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Newsweek, Ms. Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and National Post. Nandita has an MEd. (Humane Education) from Antioch University, a BEng. (Aerospace Engineering) from Toronto Metropolitan University, and a BEd. from University of Toronto.

Portrait photo of Nandita Bajaj

Background Reading: The Behavioural Crisis Driving Ecological Overshoot

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