Economy of Enough Webinar #5


Join us for the 5th webinar in our Economy of Enough series.

Deirdre Kent, long time activist, researcher and campaigner, has been a city Councillor, a candidate for the Values Party, and a cofounder of the New Economics Party. Deirdre is also a noted author. Her books include: Healthy Money Healthy Planet – Developing Sustainability through New Money Systems (Craig Potton 2005) and The Big Shift – Redesigning Money, Tax, Welfare and Governance for the Next Economic System (2017).

She was a foundation member of the Living Economies Educational Trust, and has a blog:

Portrait of Deirdre Kent


Date: 25 November, 2020

Time: 7:30 to 9 PM

Meeting ID: 867 3151 6594

Passcode: 226069