Economy of Enough - Webinar Recording

Here is the recording of the Economy of Enough webinar from 12 August that captures both the video and questions and comments.

Click here to view the recording.

In the upper right hand of the open link there is a place that says “Documents (4 files).” Click on this to download the files and you can save them if you wish.

The first document contains the questions and comments. We will respond to these in the next few days.

The second document is my music playlist and I have no idea how it got there! Delete or listen to your heart’s content!

The third document is the video and what is likely of interest to anyone not able to attend the event and who is watching it for the first time.

The fourth document is a duplicate of the third and can likely be ignored unless you would like to see who else tuned in.

Please note that this recording will only be available for one week.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing you again in 3 weeks’ time (watch this space for details).