Carbon Neutral Waiheke E-Cycle and EV Tour

See you there


March 23, 2019 at 8:00am - March 29, 2019


Waiheke to Poneke


Robin Treadwell

021 653 402

Carbon Neutral Waiheke E-Cycle and EV Tour

Robin Treadwell, a retired doctor and the newest member of our working group, is heading off on her e-bike and EV from ‘Waiheke to Poneke’ with other members of the ‘Carbon Neutral Waiheke’ group. They want to raise awareness of actions we can take as communities to reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to Climate Breakdown.

Robin plans to have discussions with people in the towns and cities along the way, to learn of their challenges, share ideas and possible solutions that will also support communities to develop resilience in the face of an unknown future.

She would welcome your participation and help in any way, from spreading the word, to helping with arrangements in your area or offering accommodation or a meal. Ideally accommodation for two – Robin and her driver.

Can you help us find and book a suitable venue for a gathering in your community?

Can you organise a welcoming group for when Robin rolls into town, and invite media?

Can you contact your local media with the press release we will supply?

Can you put up posters advertising the event?

The itinerary is below this letter. Please contact Robin  [email protected]  021 653 402 

Thank you for your practical support to publicise ‘Our Climate Declaration’