DEGROWTH - Persuading The Unpersuadable To Think The Unthinkable webinar recording

Degrowth is a powerful new idea for an alternative 21st century economy. However, in the majority of people's eyes in business, government and civil society, degrowth is too radical to work, and we need only progress the economy we have, turning growth to green growth.

But isn't there a chance that green growth could fail, so shouldn't they at least consider an alternative? The degrowth field mission is to persuade the unpersuadable to think about the unthinkable. Jennifer Wilkins explains the degrowth paradigm shift and why it is so important to talk to business people about degrowth using their language.

Jennifer Wilkins is a New Zealand-based researcher, writer and consultant on emerging global issues in business sustainability and has written several papers on degrowth for investors and business. Her work can be found at