Managing without growth: slower by design webinar recording

Peter Victor, author of "Managing without Growth. Slower by Design, not Disaster", is Professor Emeritus at York University. He has worked for 50 years in Canada and abroad on economy and environment issues as an academic, consultant and public servant.

The pre-recorded segment prepared for the webinar is now available for those who wish to catch up on what they missed. The webinar was held on 22 September 2021.

The video consists of a presentation by Professor Victor made at a UK conference a year or two ago, plus a recently recorded interview conducted by Jack Santa Barbara. There is still some blurred sound for a brief period in the middle of the video that could not be fixed.

The main import of Prof Victor’s work is that a complex society can operate successfully with no economic growth (GDP).  It is generally assumed that without continuous growth there will be multiple economic and social problems that follow.  

Prof Victor’s work shows that with appropriate policies a no-growth economy can still provide a range of benefits, such as reduced unemployment, reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions, greater equality, and control of government debt.  

Peter’s work involved constructing a computer model of the Canadian economy (real Canadian economic data was used) to demonstrate that we need not fear an economy which does not grow continuously, and that general wellbeing can actually be improved without growth. 

This is an important finding relevant to our quest for an Economy of Enough.

Apologies to all those inconvenienced by the technical difficulties of the 22 September webinar.  We have identified the problem and remedied it.

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