Sign the Tradable Energy Quotas petition

The single most important way of reducing emissions in a fair way - carbon quotas.

There are two overarching issues in dealing with climate change: ensuring we reduce emissions, and doing it fairly.

Certainty of emissions reduction can be achieved by reducing the use of fossil fuels in a planned way. A quota system has been developed to do this as fairly as possible. It’s called Tradable Energy Quotas, or TEQs.

By issuing free quotas to every adult, requiring businesses and other organizations to purchase quotas, and making the quotas tradable, this system is fair, effective, and easily operated. 

And because everyone is involved, this approach encourages everyone to be creative and help make this transition away from fossil fuels.

A petition has been developed to get this system implemented in NZ. You can sign the petition here. Please consider supporting this petition. It takes less than a minute. 

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