The Big New Zealand Climate Action Survey

We are pleased to support this survey by Jonathan Oosterman.

He describes this survey as follows:

Do you try to take climate action in your life?

Maybe you make lifestyle changes, maybe you attend protests, sign petitions, or make art, or maybe you consider climate change when you vote or make major life decisions. Maybe you try to stay informed about climate change or to emotionally process what it means for yourself, your family, and the world, or maybe you actively speak about climate change with others or have joined a climate-focused group. Or maybe you try to stand up for the social and economic justice issues that might enable society to reduce emissions and adapt to the changing climate.

If you take any sort of climate action, we would love to hear your views on what is needed to respond to climate change!

Take the survey here:

(Please note: Participants must live in New Zealand and be at least 16 years of age.)