A wellbeing approach to public policy – where to? webinar #4 recording

In this webinar recording Dr Girol Karacaoglu, Head of the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, talks about his work at the NZ Treasury promoting an integrated economic, environmental and social approach to policy advice. Find out how the Wellbeing Budget came about, what the challenges were, how far we have come, and where the process is heading.

In addition to his role as head of school, Dr Karacaoglu holds the position of Professor of Policy Practice. He comes to Victoria after five years with the New Zealand Treasury as Chief Economist and Deputy Secretary (Macroeconomics, and International Economic Research).

Dr Karacaoglu was involved in the initial thinking behind the current Wellbeing Budget process at Treasury, a world leading initiative to expand Treasury thinking beyond a sole economic and financial perspective. The aim of this was to improve the standard of living for current and future New Zealanders on an equitable and sustainable basis.

This is the fourth in the nine part Economics of Enough webinar series. It was live on 21 October 2021.