WEBINAR: Discussing Degrowth: An Approach to Degrowth for NZ

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June 26, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

WEBINAR: Discussing Degrowth: An Approach to Degrowth for NZ

This webinar is jointly sponsored by Our Climate Declaration and Degrowth Aotearoa NZ.

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Presentation by Sahra Kress and Jack Santa Barbara

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Join us for an open discussion of what we see as the core issues for degrowth, and plans for a project to promote degrowth here in NZ.

This is an opportunity to ask questions about degrowth, provide feedback, and share your views on this important topic.

Both Sahra and Jack are founding members of Degrowth Aotearoa NZ (DANZ) and current members of DANZ’s Executive Committee.

Sahra comes to this role from her position as a midwife, deeply concerned about the future for the children she delivers. She has spent 18 years working at the interface of social, cultural, and environmental complexity. Her work includes 18 years of Lead Maternity Practice, regular emergency skills teaching in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, and leading a research study on family planning in the Solomon Islands. Unable to continue flying due to the obvious environmental impacts, she felt her work needed to expand from protecting mothers and their children, to advocating for nature and collective wellbeing within ecological limits.

Jack has a long-time interest in ecological economics, sustainability and social justice. His academic career covers psychology, sustainable business and peace studies. He is a retired CEO, and has been contributing to these topics in the media over the past few years, primarily on Newsroom, and more recently on Interest.co.nz.

Date: Monday, 26 June, 2023
Time: 7 PM

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Meeting ID: 824 0698 6788
Passcode: 533501

Background material available at www.degrowth.nz