A central element of the strategy of Our Climate Declaration is action on mitigating climate change at the level of community.

This is in contrast to the more common strategy of urging the government to take action. Action at the level of the national government is essential, and we support and participate in efforts in that direction, but we are convinced that currently, the national government is not listening and is scarcely inclined to take any action, much less sufficient action. 

Community can be any cooperating cluster of people, from family up to local government level, but particularly those natural groupings we join in our places of work, learning, leisure and worship.
Climate action at this level accomplishes:

  • Actual emissions reduction (for example, increasing the number of people who cycle to work will reduce the daily amount of petrol burned)
  • Community-building in the group involved. (Acting together on meaningful issues strengthens bonds and is actually good for our health.)
  • Building of a constituency that will demand necessary climate action from the government.
  • Any action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions is laudable.
  • A climate action plan is a more considered approach, where a group or organization reviews how it is contributing to climate change and generates a range of actions to reduce their emissions or to sequester carbon.

Here are some examples.

Community Climate Action Plan of Ngatimoti School

Creating a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world through facilitating action-learning; where inter-generations of people work with and learn from nature -weaving in Māori perspectives, combining traditional wisdoms with new understandings. Importantly, our kaupapa reminds us to be in connection: to love, care for and respect ourselves, each other and our planet.

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Kai Waka Cafe Community Climate Action Plan

Who you are and site of action.

Kai Waka Café is on High Street Motueka, South Island. Matthew Galvin and Ruth Sicely are the proprietors. This is a new business, developed over the last year.

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Greenwood Health Centre Climate Action Plan

Who you are and site of action: Greenwood Health Centre, Motueka, a large teaching General Practice.

Goals of your climate action plan: To minimise greenhouse gas emissions and throughput of energy and materials.

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