Jeanette Fitzsimons Climate Action Grants

Continuing the legacy of Jeanette Fitzsimons

Jeanette Fitzsimons CNZM was a tireless advocate for the environment and for an economy of ‘enough’. The Jeanette Fitzsimons Climate Action Grants were established by her friends and colleagues to honour her legacy and her support of young activists. Jeanette was a co-founder of Our Climate Declaration, who award these grants.

The Grants in 2023

2023 is the fourth year we have made Climate Action Grants to rangatahi. The 2023 projects are:

  • East Coast Exchange, to be shared amongst three rangatahi climate action projects which each play a role in cleaning up the environmental mess left by the summer’s cyclone and in building climate justice:
    • Group photo of Slash for Cash team members at work Slash for Cash collects wood debris and makes biochar fertilizer and charcoal briquettes, based in Tologa Bay. In Wairoa, this enterprise is being initiated by local rangatahi who have received a grant.
    • Tairāwhiti Enviroschools Climate leaders are supported for their work in increasing awareness and working for change at local and government levels.
    • The Slash to Treasure workshops: collects forestry debris and, with the addition of recycled shredded paper from the local library, makes sheets of paper and art.

Take a look at East Coast Exchange’s innovative work in supporting local people’s recovery from the cyclones through a new way to fund and get paid for climate and nature-positive action:
We are supporting this initiative to grow a new Rangatahi fund for more projects like those above.

  • Reducing CO2 emissions is a complex question. How much by when and by what means? Meila Picard’s environmental science studies led her to a summer student position for Nelson City Council working on a project called the Sub-National Carbon model. This model allows users to track and calculate emissions through to an end date, such as 2050, under a range of different scenarios.
    Our grant enables Meila to develop this work so that she can support other regions to understand what initiatives will be necessary to meet their targets.

  • “Climate Commons” is a recent documentary made by Sija Soman to explore and understand the impacts of climate change on different areas of our lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. The film is rich in local content with inspiring stories of indigenous approaches and communities working together to provide practical solutions.
    We have made an award to Sija’s young assistant who is organising the film’s wide distribution in Waikato high schools and community organisations.

We appreciated the generous support from many who have enabled these grants.

The Grants in 2024

If you can contribute to the 2024 grants, please donate to the Jeanette Fitzsimons Climate Action Grants fund: Kiwibank # 38 9018 0711725 01. 

Your donation is eligible for a tax refund. Our number as a registered charity is: CC60027

Please let us know when you make a donation - Contact us or email [email protected]

Thank you.