Building Alternatives: Are Efforts to Reform the System Misplaced? | Webinar Recording

We were pleased to co-sponsor this webinar.

Ted Trainer Ph.D. is a retired Australian academic best known for his development of The Simpler Way, an alternative lifestyle that embodies deep sustainability and degrowth principlesHe has written several books and numerous articles on these topics, and developed an educational site at his home near Sydney, Australia to demonstrate what a sustainable lifestyle looks like.

In this webinar Ted argued that attempts to reform the current economic system are futile, and that efforts should focus on building a new system, providing examples from The Simpler Way.

The video quality of the Ted Trainer webinar left much to be desired. So we have used the audio only, for those that would like to listen to Ted’s presentation.

Background Reading - The first item in the summary list is an overview. - This is a constructive critique of degrowth in which Ted outlines his argument for building an alternative system.

Portrait photo of Ted Trainer PhD

DATE:  3 April, 2024
TIME:  7 to 8:30 PM

This Webinar is sponsored by DANZ (Degrowth Aotearoa New Zealand), Wise Response, Our Climate Declaration and Engineers for Social Responsibility.