Newsletter April 2024 - Can you help?

Ngā mihi nui!

Our Climate Declaration 
needs a new convenor 
Can you help?

We are now in our seventh year. Our convenor Pat Baskett has guided us through three of these years but her circumstances have changed and she is no longer able to continue in this role.

Our key activity, the webinar programme, sits inside the structure of our organization for which the role of convenor is essential. Here’s the job description:

The convenor maintains communication, coordinates the different strands of information that come through and responds to general enquiries.

They ensure the core team of eight meets fortnightly. Agendas typically consist of discussion on potential webinar topics, support for specific campaigns and engagement in writing submissions and critiquing government policies.

The convenor has the willing and efficient assistance of the treasurer (Paul Bruce), our minute-taker (Torfrida Wainwright) and our wonderful website manager Gareth Jones.

The demands of time vary according to webinar requirements and the enquiries that come in.

For a better picture of what’s involved and a description of the rewards that the work brings please contact Pat Baskett on our info-line – [email protected].

We look forward to meeting candidates at our

AGM on Friday May 24 at 4pm.


  • Confirmation of minutes of last AGM
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Election of officers
  • General business
  • Convenor’s report

Here’s the link:

We look forward to your company:
Pat Baskett, Joanna Santa Barbara, Jack Santa Barbara, Paul Bruce, Torfrida Wainright, Robin Treadwell, Molly Melhuish, Gareth Jones

PS For our webinar programme this year we invited speakers to consider the compromises we have yet to make in order to stay under two degrees and to sketch what, if we don’t make that grim target, survival might look like - and for whom. Our confirmed speakers are:

June 12 – Prof Sir Peter Gluckman
July 10 – Tim Jones
August 14 – Nandita Bajaj

Please join us!

PPS The recordings of our previous three webinars are now available:
A Degrowth Approach to Climate Change
Building Alternatives: Are Efforts to Reform the System Misplaced?
A new way to fund climate action?

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