Will this summer be too hot for work? | Webinar Recording

Our Climate Declaration team regrets the technical difficulties that disrupted our October 11 webinar “Will this summer be too hot for work?”.

We are pleased, therefore, to invite you to view the film Too hot for work? at https://climatechip.org.


Made in France, this film was inspired by the research of Mapua resident Dr Tord Kjellstrom who pioneered international research into heat stress impacts on workers in a range of countries. His 2019 report for the International Labour Organisation, titled “Working on a warmer planet”, assessed the effects on both health and productivity of heat stress.

We also invite you to listen to the questions and the informative comments with which our session concluded. Here, Dr Kjellstrom was joined by his colleague, fellow Mapua resident Dr Bruno Lemke. These can be found below: